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Why Convert to LPG?

With both petrol and diesel prices well above £1 per litre, there has never been a better time to convert your car or van to run on LPG.

By adding a dual fuel Autogas system you’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, you’ll be reducing your fuel costs by around half.

By using the latest multipoint sequential gas injection systems, the only way you’ll know you’re running on gas is by the size of your fuel bill.

LPG, or Autogas as it is often referred to, is the most popular solution to not only reducing your vehicle running costs by up to 50% BUT it has up to 20% less CO2 than petrol and has 120 times less harmful particulates than diesel.

Oxford Autogas has been a part of Tiddington Garage for the last 8 years and has been converting vehicles to run on gas for over 10 years now. Although there has been a large shift towards electric in recent years, we are still converting cars across to LPG which is an immediate fix as far as emissions and fuel costs are concerned. We also have refuelling facilities on site.

Find out how soon you could be saving along with the other 9 million other Autogas drivers by calling Tiddington Garage today on 01844 339210

LPG – the greener and cleaner fuel

Compared to petrol and diesel, LPG is the most environmentally friendly fuel

LPG has a low carbon content and that should help reduce your carbon footprint.

LPG produces far fewer harmful emissions that impact on local air quality.

Engine noise is significantly lower than corresponding petrol and diesel engines

Converting a car to LPG saves you money

LPG is better for the environment and switching to LPG Autogas, you can make large savings and contribute to a greener and cleaner environment for all.

Save Money with an LPG Conversion

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