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If your air conditioning stops working, more often than not it can be resolved quickly and easily with an air-con re-gas.

Most modern cars are fitted with air conditioning. It’s no longer the luxury it once was, and most us expect it to work without a second thought.

Over time, though, you may find that your air-con system doesn’t work as well as it did when new. That’s because it needs regular maintenance, but many of us fail to keep our air-con system refreshed.

Fortunately, it’s not an expensive or difficult job to keep your air-con working.


Air-con re-gassing is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with new refrigerant, so your air con can run cold again.

It should be the first thing you explore if your air-con system isn’t blowing as cold as it should. The process takes about an hour.

There could be other reasons why your air-con isn’t blowing cold anymore, and we  will be able to advise if the issue is the result of anything other than the need for re-gassing.

How do you know when your air-con needs re-gassing?

The first sign that your air-con needs re-gassing is that the air being blown from the vents is not as cool as it used to be, or it doesn’t feel any different when the AC is switched off.

How often should you get you air-con re-gassed? 

When should it be serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend you service your car’s air-con every two years or so, but many people wait until it’s not blowing cold air.

This is unlikely to cause any harm, but bear in mind that poorly-functioning air-con will make it more difficult to de-mist windows in winter and could work the engine harder, thus using more fuel. So it’s not worth putting off a system check.

What happens if I don’t re-gas my air-con system?

If you don’t re-gas the air-con system, it will gradually become less efficient, making the car uncomfortable in hot weather, and take longer to de-mist the windows in winter.

Not re-gassing your air-con system will be bad for it in the long run, too, with pipes likely to crack and parts likely to seize up if it isn’t used.

What else do I need to consider about my car’s air-con, and how do I maintain it?

As well as getting the system re-gassed, the best way to keep your air-con in top form is to use it all year round.

Change the cabin filter regularly (we do this as part of a full service) and consider an anti-bacterial clean if you notice musty smells coming from the vents.

Different Types Of AC Gas

In 2011 a new law was passed stating that all newly designed cars or vans built for use in the EU had to use a more environmentally friendly gas. This new gas is called R1234yf and is found on all new vehicles.

We have the latest aircon machines which are able to service AC systems on new cars using this R1234 gas, along with Hybrid and Electric vehicles too.

Of course we also have the Equipment to work on al vehicles using the old R134a gas which will be around for a good while yet as there is no requirement to upgrade earlier systems with the new gas.

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